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Curated by sticks and stones the events consist of a meal created by various established chefs served and features the work of visual artists as well as a musicians and dj´s. By the nature of a pop-up, the dinner never takes place at the same venue. Instead it is a one-time only event that moves to a new and unique location each time. The physical elements and the visceral experience of the space provides the jumping off point for the menu, design concept and the choice of artist and musician. The menu and the design are always inspired by an aesthetic based on sustainability, using local, seasonal, and reclaimed materials. Supperclub was conceived to provide a platform for us to bring our love of food and design together at large in an environment that we can control and manipulate, without the constraints of clients, galleries or spaces. It is an expression of our respect and love of craft in all aspects of life, but particularly involving food and design as the basis for bringing people together in a social setting to enjoy a moment of fellowship and conversation.